Shopping for Fangs

Canada/USA | 1997 | Drama/Comedy| 35mm | 90 mins.

Directed by Quentin Lee and Justin Lin. Written by Dan Alvarado, Justin Lin and Quentin Lee. Produced by Quentin Lee. Cast: Radmar Jao, Jeanne Chin, Clint Jung, Peggy Ahn, Lela Lee and John Cho.

SYNOPSIS: Lonely with a secret crush, Phil (Radmar Jao) suddenly develops a bizarre hair problem that convinces him that he’s turning into a werewolf, while Katherine (Jeanne Chin), a young and beautiful housewife, is haunted by her mysterious black-outs. One day, Katherine loses her cell phone, pager and wallet which are then stolen by a quirky diva waitress, Trinh, in a blonde wig and sunglasses 24-hours a day, who develops an “unforgettable” relationship with Katherine. Phil’s and Katherine’s crisscrossing adventures unfold in a comical, suspenseful psychological roller coaster full of kinky twists and colorful eccentrics.

Awards: Audience Award at the Seattle Asian American Film Festival

Festivals: Toronto International Film Festival, Palm Spring International Film Festival, USA Film Festival, Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival, Singapore International Film Festival

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