Comedy Invasion

Top Left to Bottom Left Clockwise: Desirée Walsh, Keith “Bubbas” Nahanee, Yumi Nagashima, DJ On, Karla Marx, Victoria Banner, Alisha Dhillon & Davin Tong

Comedy Invasion features Canada’s diverse comedians each spotlighted with a 30-minute set.

Join the comedians live at the taping in Vancouver and get your tickets now:

Saturday 5/7 at 7 pm: Desirée Walsh + Victoria Banner

Saturday 5/7 at 9 pm: Karla Marx + DJ On

Sunday 5/8 (Mother’s Day Special!) at 3 pm: Alisha Dhillon + Keith “Bubbas” Nahanee

Sunday 5/8 at (Mother’s Day Special!) 5 pm: Yumi Nagashima + Davin Tong

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